4/25/08 Update: Pray for Meetings

I just got done with a Skype call from Jody. They have been on the streets of Budapest with some of the Campus Crusade teams witnessing. Jody was with a lady who was born in Hungary and was fluent in the local language. She said that the hunger and openness of the people they talked to was wonderful. Hopefully, Jody will be able to blog a little later about her observations.

She asked that I put out the call to prayer for the hours between 9am-noon today, our time (thats 6-9pm in Budapest). She will be at a meeting that will include the Campus Crusade staff from Europe. This may be the key meeting of the whole trip as it deals in large part with the planning of an international gathering in Finland later this year. The primary message that Jody and Claudia have gone to convey is the need for prayer as a central engine for ministry and the need to listen for the Lord in prayer and in worship. It’s remarkable that the church, no matter where you find it, has drifted from that need, the need to listen for the voice of the Spirit in prayer. Please pray during this time.


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