4/28/08 – Headed for Home

Jody left Budapest yesterday. They arose early (4:45 am) to go to the airport. Their first stop will be Frankfurt, and then on to Chicago. Jody will spend the night there at Claudia’s place and then head for home to arrive Tuesday. Somehow, I misplaced the itinerary so I’m not sure exactly when she arrives, but she’ll call me from Chicago with all that information.

This trip has been remarkable for the many open doors and significant contacts. It is likely that the real benefit of the journey is yet to be realized, but it most certainly will involve a national conference which has been planned by Campus Crusade in Finland. There are some other connections that she has told me about, but until we can talk face-to-face I won’t be able to put them all in some kind of coherent order, much less convey them to you!

So, please pray for her journey. As of this writing I suspect she is in the air. I (or she) will let you know when she makes landfall in Chicago.

Thanks so much for your prayers and concern while she’s been gone. Your support is comforting and encouraging.

Blessings on you and yours!

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