Jody: A little information

There has been no information from Jody since Sunday morning. I was getting a little concerned (more like curiosity about her silence) so I emailed a missionary contact in Quito. I got back an email. It’s not much, but it’s something. Here is the response:

Hi Dan,

I’ve heard so much about you! Jody and Daryl are doing well. Traveling a bit

throughout Ecuador and they’ve been a huge blessing. They will be back in Quito

tomorrow night (Wed) if you would like to call?

They should be home around 9 or 10 in the evening (central time).


One thought on “Jody: A little information”

  1. Hi Jody. I am your nine oclock prayer spot. I hope you are healing from your accident. I pray for your safety and that your mission will be fruitful. Sometimes the time gets away from me, then I also pray, since God is outside of time and space ,if He would plug my prayer into my scheduled prayer spot.

    Take care of yourself and greetings to our Christian sisters down under.

    We love you and are looking forward to your safe return.

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