Jody: AM Update 8/8/08

[7:04 am – Abu Quorkas, Egypt – 8/8/08]

Coming into town last night I told claudia to close her eyes and guess
where she was--i was joking--but you could tell with every sense
in your body--it was so hot you could feel the weight of it--they were
burning garbage all around and the smell was smoky--our mouths were
dry and we were going by a loud loudspeaker with the nightly call to
prayer--it was unmistakable that we were no longer at home.  This place
for the second conference is the same as last year--it has its own guards
--we no longer have the regular ones.  Without the blackberry there would
have been no contact--the univ where we stayed in asyut had the internet
down and it isn,t available here.  I am still without luggage and no hope
of it in sight.  I don't even know if it will come home with me.  Remember
that vs about don't take a bag--i never thought he meant women on a 10
day trip in a hot place. I am peaceful--learning to rest in every way
with papa.  I am so thankful for all notes and mentions of papa.
Please talk to papa about dennis fuqua's grandbaby--accidentally dropped
and bleeding in brain--thanks. - love,  Jody

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