Jody: Back in Skopje

Jody as made the four hour journey back from Struga, the location of the prayer summit, and is now in Skopje. Here is her latest email.

  • (Sunday, October 18, 11:25am PDX – 8:25pm Skopje) I am now back in skopje and have returned to the home of the missionary family. They were running fevers last night and vomiting. They seem to be on the mend now but would really appreciate your prayer for divine protection and for their speedy healing. Glad to have a few minutes to myself. Sasha picked us up from the bus station and delivered me here. Met their kids–makes me miss all my kids and grandkids. Looks like my time will be occupied this week, which will make it pass quicker for me.  Just pray that I stay well and my energy keeps up.

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