Jody’s Journey to the Balkans – 2009

Friends & Family,

We wanted to update you on Jody’s next ministry opportunity. As you may have heard, she is making preliminary plans to go to the Balkans in October. After giving it prayerful consideration, she has felt that she is not to approach the financial need as she has in the past, namely by sending out a “support letter” inviting the financial participation of friends, and family. Instead, she has felt that she is to solicit your prayers for the need and trust the Lord for the provision, be that through people who feel prompted to help or through means we don’t yet anticipate.

So, this note is to ask you to pray. We are looking for the Lord’s guidance and provision on this trip and value your participation in the process of hearing God’s voice. Please let us know what you “hear” if you choose to join us in this adventure.

Thank you for your faithfulness in this. Your prayers, encouragement and support have been appreciated more than we can say. We look forward to hearing from you.

In His steps,
Dan & Jody Mayhew

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