Jody Update: In Osijek

(Thursday, 1:45 pm PDX ) I have received another couple of emails from Jody. Here they are:

  • (7:30am PDX – 4:30pm Croatia) I just had a porkchop and rice for my lunch-it is 4:30 and they have dinner at 7. I will not make it that long. I just met Nevenka-found out that we will be meeting for the summit from 9-7 tomorrow. I must rest well enough to be on top of things first thing in the morning. I have shared less than a dozen sentences with Nevenka–not enough time to even get a sense. I don’t have time to acclimate, will trust the Lord for all. Love you–Jody
  • (8:03am PDX – 5:03pm Croatia) Going to bed now-it is 5pm-hope to sleep by 6-that will give me 9 hrs. Pray for good connections tomorrow
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