Jody: End of day update – 8/9/08

I am now on my way to samalout but first we jave to go to a wedding of
the host pastors sister--tho claudia still doesn't feel very well they
don't understand and there seems no way to decline.  We had people on
abu korkas that had waited around the 5 hrs since we finished teaching
just so they could say goodbye.  There is a little 6 year old girl named
sharee and she learned how to say, I love you jody." so that she could say
that to me.  A lot of love from these women and children.  I was the one
blessed to be here.  Only one more conference to teach--then we drive to
cairo on tuesday--have wednesday to look around--then go to the airport
shortly after midnight to fly out at 5 am on thursday morn--home on
that same morn.  Love you. Jody

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