Finland- 10/17

Things have been pretty busy here on my end while Jody is in Finland, so I haven’t been as diligent as I’ve needed to be to give you updates. Here’s where Jody and her little stalwart band are right now: They have come into Turku, Finland. The first day they were having to deal with a monster case of jet lag. Two of the ladies are still trying to get their days and nights straightened around. They spent the first day just praying around the city. They found it to be somewhat bland and the people were not overly friendly. There was a sense of malaise that Jody felt about the place.

Today, Friday the 17th, they spent in a day-long forum that was attended by about 120 leaders of the European Campus Crusade ministry. They came from all over Europe. Sadly, Jody said that they couldn’t yet discern what the Lord had for them at this meeting. The forum was not very compelling and the team is wondering what they should be aniticipating as the trip moves on. One thing they sensed from at least one conversation is that there is a certain attitude among Europeans that the US is being humbled by the recent economic issues. They may well be right, although it’s a little unnerving to hear contempt in such conversations. Please pray that there is some sort of spiritual breakthrough or connection as they continue. As I write this they should be going to the arena where there the main rally will be tomorrow. The 120 leaders will be gathering there. Jody isn’t certain what to expect, but she is hoping that there will be a directed prayer time for the big rally. I’ll be waiting for her call and pass on the report about that.

I am praising God that we can at least have regular phone conversations. We’re using a nifty little device called a MagicJack that allows her to plug into her computer and make a call home as though she were right here in Portland. I don’t even have to be at the computer! The quality is excellent and the call is free. Can’t beat that! Sure an improvement over out experience in Egypt and South America!

As the trip continues, I will try to keep you updated. Please pray for a breakthrough, or for a significant connection.


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