Jody: Good day and a prayer need.

Jody called tonight and reported that they had a great day praying with a number of women from Medellin. There has been a great deal of intercession going on in that city, strategically praying for needs specific to the region. The session lasted from 9am to 3pm. Jody and Daryl have been able to layout the strategy of corporate prayer.

The only complication was related to the health of one of the missionary leaders who had been responsibile for coordinating much of the prayer and ongoing intercession. She led the worship in the morning, but had a great deal of pain because of kidney stones and had to miss the rest of the prayer time. Please pray for Kathy, that she would recover and be able to participate in the sessions that she helped to coordinate.

Tomorrow Jody and Darly will be praying with intercessors, and then Thursday there will be another full day prayer summit style session.

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