Greetings from Medellin!

Good morning from Medellin.  We arrived here just before 9 last night and Kathy picked us up at the airport.  Since this is the 4th time I have been here, there is a bit ore familiarity with the process of entry.  The airport sits above the city and it is a steep winding journey down into this massive urban metropolis.  We made it to Mary Lou and Gary’s house and chatted for a few minutes before heading to bed.  I just woke up and the house is still silent, but we are supposed to have breakfast around 9 and then we will have some lunch before being at the airport around 2 to fly to Monteria.  We will be staying at the home of Celia, the woman who gave us the piece of art for the School of the HeArt.  I can’t remember if we begin teaching tonight or tomorrow morning. 

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