Jody: Afternoon Update – 8/9/08

We just finished and have finally had a bite to eat. It was so hot while
I was teaching on [sensitive culture issue] that my heart was racing.
We were received even though this is a very hard topic for them to hear.
Over here each one gets married to their cousin--result--crossed eyes
and brain damaged kids. Then they ask us to pray for healing.  My heart
breaks. We will leave for samalout in 2 hours.  Love- jody
PS- Just one other small note--about 200-250 have already decided to move
to papas house--so glad he has prepared a place for them. Jody

One thought on “Jody: Afternoon Update – 8/9/08”

  1. Greetings Jody

    I have been praying for you as I read your notes. Very Good News! So sorry about your luggage – but am glad you listened when you did.
    Thanks for mantioning about Guiseppe. I am sure you have read that he is doing very well. Released after 18 hours with no issues at all! PTL. Marilyn is still with them. Will return tomorrow.



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