Jody: Arrived in Medellin

Jody called last night over a Skype connection. After a little fiddling I was able to actually talk to her–a cable had gotten unplugged for my computer so I could hear her but she couldn’t hear me. That made for a few frustrating attempts before we finally got connected.

Jody and Daryl are in the home of some missionaries in Medellin. The accomodations are comfortable, an improvement over the arrangements in Ecuador. Even so, Jody spoke affectionately of their time over the last week. She told of the tender farewell they received from the tribal women of Santo Domingo. There was weeping among those who saw them off for their journey back up to Quito.

Apparently, the journey to and from Santo Domingo was not without anxious moments. More than once they nearly collided with other traffic on the road. Jody said she had a picture of one such close call. Thanks again for your prayers.

The itinerary in Medellin (side note: there are, reportedly, 3000 satanist churches in the city) includes visiting some local churches downtown including one today (Monday) for a mini-prayer summit from 9-3 with leaders from local churches. Tuesday they will meet with intercessors in another summit-style gathering. I will keep you posted of other things that I hear.

Thanks for praying.


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