Jody coming home today

Jody is in Chicago awaiting her flight home. It leaves at about 6pm with an arrival here in Portland at 8:25. At last! The end of a long journey and the end of a series of journeys that have made for a pretty exciting year. Wow. Three continents–Europe twice. Now, except for a brief road trip to Northern Washington, she’ll be home for the foreseeable future. Here are a few of the emails she’s sent recently:


We just had dinner–shepherds pie and fish and chips–both great–split them. We stay in

glasgow tonigjt and fly at11am in the morning.  Love jody

I am on the train headed back to glasgow.  What an absolutely wonderful day to end the trip. It was like a wonderful gift from the lord after a very hard trip.  I have been on my feet for 13 hrs–fueled with coffee and croissants until a minute ago .

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