Jody Delayed


Hello, friends and family. Thanks for being interested in these updates and keeping Jody and the team in prayer. Here’s the latest:”

Jody was at the airport at 4AM and still hasn’t left–it’s now 9:30. There was a storm over Chicago and flights are being delayed at O’Hare. This means that there is a chance that she might not be able to make her connection to Frankfurt. The hopeful thing is that the Frankfurt plane is delayed in Denver. Even so, there is the chance that she will miss the connection to Cairo. Oy! Please pray!

I have an email sent to Eliane, the organizer of these seminars in Beirut, so we can hopefully get information to and from her if the need arises.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

PS- on the right side of our website is a link to the local times along Jody’s route if you are interested, and a link to the Travel Blog which will include all of these updates.

PSS- Here is a copy an email from Claudia (Jody’s travel companion) to another mailing list.

Hi everyone,   I have been having dreams for the past few nights that Jody and I were working together, at a summit and we got separated and I had to continue on alone…had another last night and today woke up at 5 to this horrible storm that was supposed to hit central WISCONSIN not Chicago…Jody was to depart Portland at 6 am. to be in Chicago at noon for a 227 pm flight to Frankfurt where we would meet up to go to Cairo.  (Lufthansa had a strike last week and her direct flight to frankfurt from portland was cancelled so she had to be rebooked to united and fly through Chicago but couldn’t get on the flight I am on!)  Now it is 10:15 am and she is still in Portland on the tarmac waiting to be cleared by air traffic control chicago to take off.  If they don’t take off soon she will miss her connection to Frankfurt and our connection to Cairo.  I of course will have no reason to go if Jody doesn’t go as she is the one doing the teaching this time, not me….but I will have no airline approved reason to cancel my trip and get our money back…so please pray for God to clear the air for Jody to get in to Frankfurt even if they have to send her somewhere other than Chicago…I will try to keep you all posted from my blackberry, I have to leave the farm soon to get to the airport myself.  Thanks I love you all

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