Jody: From Scotland

Here are three emails from Jody in Seamill, Scotland. They in the order I received them.
The first is just after they arrived, the others are as the meetings are shaping up. 
We arrived in glasgow last night at 11pm and drove 30 minutes to the ywam base.
Got up this morn to take a shower and blew up my blowdryer. Happy day.  I really
don't know anything else yet--haven't left my room.
We are at the seamill ywam base about 40 minutes from glasgow. It is on
the western coast of scotland and is all that you would imagine a
coastal town to be like. We will be sharing about corporate listening
prayer with some of the leaders tonight.
It is 1030am your time and 630pm scotland time.
We just spent the last 2 hours sharing with the director of the base all about
listening corporate prayer and summits.  It is a distinct possibility of doing a
here for the dts school and-or for the intercessors of scotland.  Now we are seeing
some of the time purposes for being here.  Even what we shared so far was the key
for some of what they are dealing with here. Hallelujah.
Keep those cards and letters coming!!! Love-jody

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