Jody: Guayaquil Report

As you may know, Jody isn’t able to use her Blackberry for email communication as she did when whe was In Egypt a couple of weeks ago. Verizon isn’t a very good global provider, only a “sorta global” provider. So, I will probably have to report what I can remember from our infrequent voice contacts.

Jody called this morning to report that she and Darryl flew to Guayaquil to be with a group of ladies there and for Jody to share at the church’s evening service. She would welcome your prayers for such opportunities. She said that the flying in and around the Andes is a bit of a wild ride. You can check the map link on the email updates or click on the city name above to see where these places are.

The short of it is that she has arrived safely, her luggage is actually there with her and all things seem to be falling together in the right order. The only thing that I’d like to see is a better and frequent communication conduit. I’ve given her a gmail account for the trip, but we don’t know what access she may have to a computer and to wireless.Several of her contacts along the way are missionaries, so we may be able to use our Skype connection. The other possibility is a local pre-paid phone card. We’ll keep you in the loop!

Thanks for your prayers.


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