Jody Morning Update – 8/7/08

[6:00AM – Asyut, Egypt – 8/7/08]

Good morning--I believe it is wednesday night for you and it is just
after 6am for me. I still don,t know anything about my luggage--they had
me leave the key with them so it could go thru customs.  The only thing
to think about is those boxes that Luci sent along--the things inside
are hard to explain to anyone. The Cairo pastor is going to go to the
airport to try to find out about it. When we went to dinner last night
--not KFC*--they sent a van of guards to watch us--I have to stay on
full alert.
We finish in asyut and travel this afternoon to abou korkas. Today I
teach about [some sensitive subjects that I was asked to share on].
Love to all.
Blessings and hugs, jody
[* On the last trip to Asyut the only reliable food nearby was a KFC.
She got absolutely TIRED of chicken!]

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