Jody: On My Way

It is early friday morn and I am at the airport.  I want you all to know
how much I depend on your prayers.  This entire season of time would be
impossible without your partnership in his spirit.  I am submitted to
his will and word and I am blessed to partner with you for the sake of
the kingdom.  I pray that you will be very alert in prayer--listening
--and responding.  I love you --jody
(Note from Dan: Jody left this morning at 6 AM and has arrived in Atlanta.
She is now enroute to Quito, Ecuador. After a two day visit to
missionaries in Gualaquil, she will return to Quito until August 31st
when she will depart for Medellin, Colombia until September 6th. There
is a link to a map of her itinerary on the email updates. Thank you for
your prayers and continued concern. We rely on you and your spiritual
support as Jody travels.) 

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