Jody: Reports from home & away…

Greetings, prayer warriors!

I got a call from Jody this morning, saying that they had been able to rest yesterday and that they were on their way to Santo Domingo. They expect from 200-300 women at the conference. She said that they had both had some intense and unpleasant dreams last night and asked for prayer. This coincides with the report from several of the extended ministry team that Jody and Darryl work with who also reported nightmares of various kinds, particularly Wednesday night. The significance of such things is sometimes hard to discern, but nonetheless we ask that you keep up the prayer cover. You may also want to continue to pray for Caleb. He is still struggling at this time. I haven’t heard from him since yesterday. He, too, had a tough night from Wednesday onto Thursday; partly, I think, because of recent training exercises in the Portland area that had multiple Blackhawk helicopters flying low near our house. Combat veterans suffer in ways we don’t always see. Sights and sounds we can easily ignore aren’t so easily ignored by those who have seen war close up and have seen the same kind of helicopters bring in the wounded and carry out missions. (Note some of the resources I’m accumulating at “41 Home Campaign” above).

One final note from Ecuador. The city they were in has a statue above it of the madonna with her foot on a serpent. Jody and Darryl had not intended to visit the statue–a deliberate decision–but their route took them there anyway. They used the opportunity to pray over the city and declare Jesus as the one who truly defeats the serpent rather than Mary.



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