Jody: Resting in Quito

We are in Yonchu’s apt tonight and have had the first ‘easy’ day of the trip.  We had decided yesterday not to spend 14 hours driving to two towns and meeting women from another district that are coming to the summit.  It was a wise decision on our part because both Yonchu and Daryl had upset stomachs for this day.  Daryl is better and Yonchu is still dealing with a headache.  Daryl and I spent the afternoon working on a way to introduce the way of summit style praying –but with teaching nuggets to introduce the concepts ( ie the illustration of the hand–worship=humility=unity=community=impact).  We want them to see the big picture, and then approach the Lord to minister to Him–plus learning to listen in each of the sessions.  We have to wait on so much, but sense that we are ‘prepared messengers’ rather than preparing messages.  We work together well and see that each of us bring a different aspect to the whole. There is the sense that we are teaching a language and then drawing them into ‘fluency’.  I don’t know when I will be able to write again.  We are leaving for Santo Domingo in the afternoon ( hot, tarantulas, no hot water, ‘primitive conditions’–and if they think its primitive, I might just think I am finally on Survivor) We will be there until Sunday morning, when we will make the long winding drive back to Quito to leave around 3pm for Columbia.  DOn’t know what kind of communication is possible, but if no email or skype is available, I will at least try a short call on my phone–if it works.

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