Jody: Whew! Back in Quito

I am back in Quito tonight and we have had the fullest five days that I can remember.  We have been in three of the four regions of Ecuador and spent many hours traveling by air and car to reach all of these destinations. I sp0ke to you last night by skype, and shared with you a little about our trip over the Andes to the Amazon district to meet with the women over there and to see them in their region.  We were supposed to leave tomorrow morning at 7am and travel to another district in the north–Ibarro–and it was going to be an all day commitment of driving, traveling to meet more women who were coming to the conference, and not get home until late tomorrow night with the conference happening on Friday.  We have managed to gracefully stay home in Quito tomorrow, and prepare for our weekend.  Today we arrived from La Mercid–into Quito–and had a meeting with all of the Quito women.  I shared today about ministry to the Lord and how it is the most important ministry we can develop, because when we minister to Him first, then we will know what we are to accomplish in His name.  We introduced summit style prayer, because many of these same women will be joining us for the summit this weekend.  Even though I don’t know the language of their lips, the language of the heart came through loud and strong. They fully participated, and we have just started to introduce them to meeting with the Lord this way.  I think that our time with the missionaries is just as critical as the prayer times we have planned.  There is not a lot of fellowship for any of them, and we have tried to come alongside and be an encouragement and share some prayer with them.  We just got back from dinner, but on the way there, there was a fist fight between two men right in front of our car, and we prayed for the violence to be interrupted, and not get out of control.  Papa answered right away. I will try to write again tomorrow. I have access to internet connections here until Friday afternoon.  I haven’t tried to access my messages yet–but wanted you to get something from me tonight.

Love to everyone, Jody

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