Jody: Wild Ride to Santo Domingo

Got a call from Jody yesterday morning. She said that the ride down from Quito to Santo Domingo was one of the wildest, if not THE wildest, ride she’s had. She said she was grateful for those of you who were praying the afternoon shift. She needed it.

The time of the conference was a great success. She is now headed back to Quito (about 8am) planning to arrive there by noon. She is booked on a flight Sunday afternoon to Medellin, Colombia. Prayers are appreciated as always.

Interesting note: several on the leadership team have reported an unusually agitated period, including nightmares and general anxiousness. As you have probably figured out, I too have gone through a bit of that. I guess that indicates the need for vigilance as we pray for Jody and Darryl, and also to remember the needs back here. May the Word go forth with power!


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