Jody’s on her way to Macedonia

Here is the first of several reports from Jody’s travel and ministry blog. As you may know, Jody has been invited to Skopje, Macedonia to facilitate a time of prayer for some women leaders in the country. Here’s the update:

 Jody left last night at about 11:30 and took a “red-eye” flight to Chicago. She arrived at about 3:30 AM our time. She was able to sleep a little bit on the flight, although she awakened in flight feeling clammy and a bit light-headed. Her first thought was that she was coming down with something, but felt after praying that it was “warfare” of the spiritual variety. She arrived at Chicago feeling better and was able to grab a couple of hours sleep on a bench in the concourse.

 Later, she met Claudia, a friend that Jody works with on the Abide Ministries. Claudia volunteered to go with Jody and also arranged for some other connections for them on the trip, including meeting some ministry leaders in Istanbul, Turkey and some possible side trips to Albania and elsewhere in the area. As those opportunities become clear, I’ll post the information here so that you can be praying.

 Presently, Jody is in the air over the Atlantic headed for a day layover in Istanbul. She caught a Turkish Airline flight from JKF in New York. Please be praying for her journey. She will arrive in Istanbul at 9:25AM on Tuesday, which is 11:25 PM, Monday local time. You can see the time where Jody and Claudia are in the sidebar to the right. 

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