Jody: Prayer Letter by a Friend

Here are some comments from our friend John E. who sent the following to a mailing list requesting prayer for Jody. It pretty well outlines the need:

~~~At this moment our close friend from International Renewal Ministry (Prayer Summits), Jody Mayhew, is beginning two weeks of ministry in Croatia and Macedonia on our behalf. She arrived in Osijek, Croatia today, got some sleep, and will begin Friday with a prayer summit/teaching conference with a group of women from that area. She will continue to minister with them over the weekend, and then meet with several other groups in Croatia next week. Debbie and I are very excited by this gathering because we know many of the women who are participating, and we know that they are in great need of encouragement and deep time with the Lord, hearing his voice, worshiping him without distraction, and receiving the healing and grace he has for them. Would you please continue to lift up Jody and these ladies (as well as their husbands and pastors who are supporting them as they are away from their families). Ask the Lord to remove distraction from their minds and hearts, to give them strength and encouragement, to help them listen well to the Lord and each other, to protect them and their families, and to give them open hearts to whatever the Spirit wants to do in their midst. Pray that Jody adapts quickly to this new place and culture, gets good rest, avoids illness, and is able to minister to these sisters in the Spirit’s power.

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