Last Day Teaching in Monteria

It is Saturday already, and the last day to teach in Monteria, I finish up the last session in Sonship….A Son in whom the Father is well pleased. Julie and Calvin are finishing up teaching the Kinds of Relating. By the time we reach this last day, it is no longer informational but has become deeply relational. At first, since they come from all over the region, they don’t open up and share that much. By the time they finish, they are exposing their failures, their hopes and dreams, their wounds and their worries. I find myself gaining many spiritual sons and daughters. They having a longing to know Him more, and they are expressing how much the material we are sharing, is giving them life. In the Sonship group, they have met in small groups and prayed about how they will multiply this to others. One woman is a youth leader for the whole region and she intends to use it with you. One man said he will begin by gathering his family and sharing with them. One group of three young people said all the other youth had left their church. They intend to call all of them, share the material and begin to meet as the church again. My heart feels like a waterfall…..much joy as I get to see for a brief moment the ways of His kingdom. Thank you for all of your prayers. Tomorrow, Calvin and I will both preach at different churches, and then fly back to Medellin. In an hour we are going to a place by the river where there are iguanas and monkeys……taking my camera!!!!!!
Blessings, Jody

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