Macedonia: Thursday PM

10 PM, Thursday in Skopje~~~

Today we got up a bit later (yesterday I woke up at 4am) and had breakfast then spent the morning walking around the city…probably walked about 5 miles….praying for Macedonia and asking for the gates to open for us. I took pics of gates when we came to them. This is the location of Alexander the Great and his image is everywhere. We prayed for the King to be lifted higher. We sang Dennis [Childers] song….”lift up your heads o ye gates, and be lifted up ye everlasting doors….that the King of Glory may come in.” We continued to ask the Lord to arrange for every moment of our time to be filled with what He had arranged to have us do.

This afternoon we met with the same Maria that we traveled with yesterday… and with Biljana and her fiancé, Francis. The conversations over the next 6 hours were kingdom business. It was very encouraging. We were able to share about the schools of prayer, ministry and leadership. My prayer is that the Lord would specifically confirm which cities over here we are to include as we plan for the school of prayer.

Would you pray for Claudia and I and our ability to get clear breathing. A few hours in smoke triggers asthma for me…and it has now been two days of smoke. I am getting a bit hoarse and will use my puffer tonight. I am able to receive your emails and the words from Karen and Marilyn were very encouraging today. Blessings to all of you from Macedonia!


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