Macedonia update-Tuesday

[3/13/2012 10:43 PM] We woke up this morning to a very sunny morning in Skopje. Very springlike. It has been very cold out on our walks up until now, so we really appreciated it. The only thing on Tuesday’s schedule is for me to teach a group of women about marriage in the evening. I used the Marriage Rx material…..the part about oneness/one flesh, and submission. There was a great response. I shared all about Marriage Rx and how it works…..the small group exercises and assignments. They want us to send them the first chapter. They will begin to translate it. Then when we bring the School of prayer, and the School of Ministry here, they could help with further translation and help lead the small groups. Earlier in the day, we walked and prayed….and walked…and walked. We came upon a memorial to Mother Teresa. She was born here. Many of her letters and personal belongings were on display. It was very interesting. We leave for Istanbul midday on Wednesday and will spend a day and a half there. Three meetings have been arranged for this time with a key woman leader in the country, and various prayer leaders. We so appreciate your continued partnership in prayer.

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