Jody: End of day update – Monday, Aug. 11

I just finished teaching for the day.  Of all the cities we travel to in
egypt--this one seems the ripest for the will of god. We have also faced
warfare for the last two days in some unexpected ways.  Yesterday I had a
translator who didn't translate--he tried to interpret and didn't
understand spiritual things--so he was giving his own take on it, too
-the women recognized this as well as eliane-- she interpreted for me
today.  Then today some of the pastors wanted to take advantage of the
large crowd we had gathered and decided they wanted the stage to give
a gospel presentation.  For the next 40 minutes they used the hammer
approach to reach the unbelievers--loud yelling--high volume--stirred
emotions--but the faces of the women showed their disappointment. You
can take the hammer approach or the honey approach.  We had loved them
and they knew it.  I don't want to judge their hearts at all--it was
just extremely difficult for the women and for us--and praise god--we
had a time of worship with Majed before speaking again.  During the last
session on [culturally sensitive issue] I called for women to understand
the difference between the multitudes and the disciples--those who will
say yes to Jesus as a disciple and follow him only--and leave following
the traditions and customs to the multitude.  I asked people to close
their eyes and respond only to the Lord and not one another--about 150
women stood and let Jesus know their heart was to follow him only.
The lord is good and proved himself victorious in spite of setbacks.
Thank you for praying--will write again later. Love Jody

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