Jody: Morning Update 8/10/08

I got home and in bed at around 2am--what part about sleeping at night
don't they understand?  We were attending a dinner at Atef's sister's
house that they prepared for us.  I guess we were invited to go to a
party for the wedding following our meal and we drove by it on the way
home--but we said we were tired.  Even with that--we still didn't get
home till 2am.  We sat out on their roof after dinner and it was the
first cool air that I have felt--like a nice summer night at home on our
deck.  As we came down the steps to go home-a cat ran up the wall and
scared itself and us--then a rat ran under the door and freaked me out.
This place is not like home!
We have been honored wherever we are. Women functioning in the kingdom
is something encouraging for the women here.
Back to the meal last night--which was served at midnight--breaded
chicken,bbq chicken and beef, 2 different soups, rice with beans on top
and salad which we couldn't eat--then fresh mango juice for dessert. So
many verses in papas letters take on new significance---borrowing bread
at midnite for a friend who has come--or--last night as I sat on the roof
with claudia--i figured out the 10 virgins that fell asleep waiting for
the bridegroom--would have been Americans--we sleep when its nightime.
Love, jody

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