Jody: Morning update 8/9/08

Yesterday when I woke up I was a bit sick to my stomach, but it cleared
up and I feel pretty good this morning.  I also saw one more request
answered when I had my own translator for the time of helping each
woman hear from papa. Just before bed eliane called the pastor in cairo
who was working on getting my luggage. The battery on his phone went dead
right in the middle of the conversation but it looks like they have found
it at this point and I will have it to fly home with but not while I am
here. Now for a woman to teach everyday on an international trip with no
bag--ala Luke 10--for the entire 2 weeks of my trip has been a test--but
my heart has never even been troubled.  The night before I left home I
had a thought to put 1 extra outfit in my backpack and I listened to him.
The good thing about them finding it is that I need all of that stuff
immediately for the next trip. Papa is so good.  Love to all--i am
getting up and starting my day now.  Love jody

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