Morning in Budapest

Last night Claudia and I met with ministry leaders from all over Russia and Europe. We were seated in between the Campus Crusade director for ministry for Russia and on my right was Hannu–the key man for the National Day of Prayer –Crystaltag(sp)–in Finland in October. He shared his heart and heard ours. He wants to meet us to pray this afternoon and to listen for what the Lord would say to us. While we were sitting there, a man from the VP’s council walked up and started talking to Claudia about being the coordinator for this happening in other countries. Poland is already interested in having their own gathering. They have shared their vision for Europe, and after being on the campus yesterday, witnessing, you can see how ripe the fields are here. There is a real sense of the absence of God and an entire generation that has not heard the gospel. Please continue to pray–these certainly seem to be key days for His Kingdom.

Blessings, Jody

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