Jody: on the way home

(Thur. 7p PDX – Fri, 4am Skopje) Just got a note from Jody that she just cleared customs. She should be taking off for Vienna within the next few minutes as of this writing. Below is a composite of three emails over the last few hours. Apparently, Macedonia isn’t as concerned about second-hand smoke as we are here.

  • I am sitting in the smoke filled Alexander the great airport. Time with biljana was incredible today. Have seen Gods incredible hand at every turn this week. Been here 2 hrs so far-hope they open up for ck in soon. Eyes are burning from smoke and been up since 6am yesterday. Hope to sleep the hour and half to vienna. Been up for almost 22 hrs at this pt.

She is on the plane and will be off email until Vienna. Keep her in prayer for a safe trip.

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