Jody: Osijek Friday

(Friday, 7:00am PDX) Awakened this morning to an email from Jody. All is going well. She packed light this trip, so she wasn’t ready for all kinds of weather, so she was expecting it to be a bit cooler. Who knew that it can be in the 80s in Osijek in October? Fortunately it’s supposed to cool down early next week. Here is a link to a map and photos of the area where the Summit is taking place.

Here are some reports. The first one came the morning after she arrived in Osijek:

  • (Thurs, 9:21pm PDX – 6:21am Osijek) I fell asleep at 6 and woke at 9:30-thinking it was morning–disoriented. Back to sleep until 2:30 and couldn’t figure out what time it was. Just got up at 5:30 and got a shower before anyone else needed the bath. The Summit begins today at 9am. Barely met Nevenka and not much time to think or orient myself. So each time I woke up I was listening. I am staying in a school dorm–last night–and some other place starting tonight. I think they only have a noon meal here–bread and tea for brkfst and dinner. By the way- it was 28 here yesterday-don’t know what that is [Note: low 80’s] but it was too hot for a turtleneck and jeans. i packed clothes for colder weather. -love Jody
  • (Thurs, 10:11pm PDX – 7:11 Croatia) The summit is being held here-i am at the evangelical seminary here in osijek. First nite I was in this little dorm room on 4th floor-seem to be sharing with both men and women. I move to an apartment tonight since a couple who were using it left this morning. Looks like [meeting] room is set up for 50. We go from 9-7. Don’t think it is more than a day here. Other gatherings will take place next week.
  • (Fri, 5:10am PDX – 2:10pm Osijek) Morning session went well-had a great translator. We stayed focused on ministry to the Lord–worship without request–looking for breakthrough.

More to come. I’m also posting a prayer request on Jody’s behalf from a friend in the Midwest.

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