Jody Update – Evening 8/7/08

Today I taught about Jesus's simple rules for life--although they are
impossible without the holy spirit.  Then I taught about "c".  You could
hear a pin drop in there.  I don't know what the response was--it
felt heavy--like I was pushing against a huge iron gate--like the kind
that locks up a whole city.  I met a woman with a 2 month old baby--she
told me I had prayed for her last year and the lord answered. We are
leaving now for the next conference up in Minya and Abou Korkas.  It is
a 2 hour drive and it is already 6pm.  We had a second altar call this
morning--claudia shared about sharing the good news but we must know him
to share him.  I shared the difference between disciples and multitudes
--some follow for food and healing and miracles--then jesus leaves town.
Disciples are called to lay down theirblife to follow.  About 100 women
gave their lives to him.  May all mixture leave the soil.
Love to you all--i appreciate your notes.  Love and blessings--jody

2 thoughts on “Jody Update – Evening 8/7/08”

  1. Just finding your BOLG through Dennis’ IRM newsletter. Praying Ps 73…He is with you and holding you with His mgihty right hand. He is guiding you with His counsel. May He be all you desire and all you long for. As your physical heart and strength fail…may He be your strength.

  2. I eagerly await your notes, Jody, as I pray for you specifically each morning, then throughout the day as prompted by His Spirit. I was amazed again this AM as I was reading about Moses’ mother–what an impossible thing she did–yet God of the impossible carried that baby to just the place he intended. Love you. Bev

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