Jody: Preparing for home

Jody has been enjoying her time in Skopje. The hospitality has been warm, the food has been good, even abundant, and she has had the chance to meet some new people who are likely to be friends and partners both now and in the future. I have been seeing Jody via Skype. It’s not the same as sitting across the table over coffee, but it’s still an improvement over exchanging emails, with as much as 20 minutes to complete an exchange. In addition to significant new relationships, she spoke to a gathering of women Tuesday night.

(Tue, 9:28p PDX – 6:28a Skopje) It went well last night. I would guess that about 45 women came. They seemed to understand well what I was saying-tho it tired maria out to translate for me. Shared on some of the main pts of sonship. Today and tomorrow are my last days in cntry. It won’t be long now. I agree that the skype thing really helps and it was fun to see your face as we talked.

Jody will be dropped off at the airport at around midnight Thursday, local time. Her flight home leaves at 4am (about 7pm Thursday our time) with stop-overs in Vienna and Washington, DC on her way home to Portland on Friday night at around 8pm. Please offer up prayers of thanksgiving and for a safe, uneventful trip home.

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