Jody: Ready to return

I talked to Jody yesterday and today. She is ready to return (and I’m ready to have her return!). She and Daryl have had a very good time with the women of Medellin who have been very receptive to the message of ongoing prayer and intercession. Jody tells me that some of the material that they have shared has already been passed along to others by their listeners. There has been a refreshing openness and eagerness among the Colombian women.

Jody and Daryl are going to spend most of Friday studying and preparing for an early departure for the airport Saturday. Jody says that the pollution in the air has taken a toll on her occasional asthma symptoms, so if you are looking for something to pray over, there it is. Another important need is the narrow window of time at the Atlanta airport. Jody only has 90 minutes to deplane, go through customs and get to her Portland flight. In the economy of airport travel that isn’t much. Furthermore, there are couple of hurricanes out in the Atlantic that can potentially mess with the weather, so please pray for the flight home. Jody will be arriving in Portland at around 8pm on Saturday night.

Thanks for praying. !


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