Saturday Update

Today we gathered for a short version of a prayer summit. We had a sense last night that the Lord wanted us to begin by honoring Him as King. There are giant statues in the main square that depict many of the ancient kings of this region….the largest for Alexander the Great. We began by worshipping from Psalm 95:1-3 and ps 24—asking for the ancient doors to be raised and the King of glory to come in. After praising Him and honoring His authority as the highest….we submitted ourselves as His Bride and asked for His scepter to be extended to us…that we might pray for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. I asked the ladies to listen for who they should extend blessing to. They began to bless other nations that are offended with them, the poor, the young, the Albanians, the poor gypsies. I had shared with them from the end of Numbers 6 where the Lord says that who we bless, He will bless. It was during this time of blessing that we prayed that any gates that remained in place since the fall of communism would come down. With Claudia’s dream in mind….we asked the Lord to interrupt any iron curtain that remained spiritually. We prayed blessing on the spiritual soil. We prayed for wisdom as well as understanding. After intercessory ‘blessing’, we proceeded to have each woman get into the chair and ask the Lord to bless them…..and then we each listened for how we were to bless each woman. These women experienced a powerful time with the Lord. We made very good connections with them, and the Lord really encouraged each one with scriptures, pictures, and prayers. When we had finished with each of them, we asked if they would pray with us about an open door for the School of Prayer. We left them with Isaiah 60:18-22—sensing this was a promise for Macedonia.

After the close of the mini summit, Claudia and I moved to a new place to stay. It is at least 3 times larger, 4 times nicer, smoke free, and the same price. We are blessed. Thank you all for praying for us today. We went to dinner, and now have arrived back at the hotel. We were able to connect with Gordica and will meet with she and Bruno tomorrow after church. We will attend the church of the pastor we met with yesterday.

Blessings….we miss you…..Jody

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