Jody: Skopje Hospitality

Jody has been settled now in Skopje. She’s been staying with a missionary family there, but spending a lot of time with a couple named Sasha and Maria. I met them both via Skype and they are delightful.  I wanted to exchange bible jokes with Sasha, but his were better than mine, so I just surrendered and laughed. Having a Skype connection was a blessing. I got to see Jody as we talked, which helps during this time of separation. I got an email from Jody that summarized her Monday in Skopje. It came after I went to bed so I’m posting it Tuesday morning our time. She wrote it Tuesday morning her time summarizing her Monday experience. She will be speaking speaking somewhere tonight. I’m unclear where.

  • (Tues, 6:24am PDX – 8:26am Skopje) Yesterday was opposite of the rest of the trip — filled with eating. I had lunch here at the house at around 2. A sandwich. Then sasha and maria picked me up and took me to a favorite restaurant — wonderful salads and things I have never tasted and chicken wrapped in bacon with melted cheese inside. [Then] it was around 4 and I am stuffed. We go see the remodel of their apartment and then go to Gordica and Bruno’s apt. They are newly married and she is the proconsul to the president of macedonia. We thought it was for coffee but he is a gourmet cook and has prepared a 3 course meal –antipasta and quiche and a cabbage and beet salad then pasta and chops and then fruit.  Just roll me home. Thank goodness it wasn’t like that the rest of the time. Will be picked up by sasha and maria at 10:00 and will stay with them until after I speak tonight. [I will be] sharing some of the sonship study stuff.

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