Skopje Update-Monday

Woke up this morning and asked the Lord how we were to spend our day. We prepared ourselves to walk toward town, and began to pray. We submitted to the Lord and asked for His direction…believing that He could open up profitable opportunities for His Kingdom. We felt led to purchase gifts for the wonderful friends we have met here. One is about to be married, another to have a baby. Then we went for coffee at the restaurant of a friend, and another opportunity came up for a significant prayer appointment. We believe the Lord will use this afternoon in exciting ways in the future. Later in the afternoon we were picked up and went to the mountain overlooking the city to pray for the spiritual ‘iron curtain’ to be broken. We blessed the work of God and the workers in this city. We ended the evening with a meal and much encouragement and prayer. Tomorrow evening is the only planned event left on our trip. I will be teaching a class on marriage. I intend to share many of the insights we have been given from Marriage Rx. Please pray that the Lord will continue to build up the Body of Christ in this city and protect the work of unity.

Blessings, Jody

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