Skopje Update – Saturday AM

6:30 AM, Saturday in Skopje~

Just got a Skype call from Jody and Claudia in Macedonia. They are headed for a day-long prayer session at a local space where they will facilitate the gathering. They didn’t have a lot of details yet, so I’ll forward prayer requests along as they become available. 

Their plan at the moment is to pack up and take their suitcases to the summit with them so they can find another hotel at day’s end. Jody’s lungs won’t handle the cigarette smoke at the hostel for another night. As I talked to her, I could tell that congestion was setting in. She uses a “puffer” for asthma but it’s a steroid that amps her up so using it before bed isn’t a good idea unless she intends to jog around the room for a couple hours  :-). Anyway, you can be praying that they’ll find the right place for sleep and clean air. 

Thanks for keeping the girls in prayer. You are much appreciated. 

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