Some notes from Claudia

[Here are some emails that Claudia has sent concerning her travels with Jody]

We are beginning our conference and Jody and I both have a bit of an
upset stomach. Nothing uncontrollable, but we are praying this will be
the extent of it.  Thanks for agreeing.
What an interesting place Egypt is.  I have decided the ONLY reason we
are here is that Papa sent us.  Would think about coming on my own.
This morning Eliane was singing His eye is on the sparrow and I thought
I DO sing because I'm free.  The heaviness of spirit is everywhere here
and we are facing resistance even when asked to talk to Papa on
someone's behalf.  They want your counsel then they have every excuse
why it won't work.  Cursing is huge so please talk to Papa and ask that
none be cast our way, though we could still function don't need extra
baggage coming home with us. we are off to breakfast more later!
love you all and am grateful for you.
Yesterday we decided we had to get more evangelistic and it looks like we
will today.  Jody shared that two types of people came to Jesus, those
who wanted healing and a free meal and those who were hungry for Him.
Those who came for the meal or the healing left at the end of the day
fed and healed and that's all they wanted.  Jesus did not choose any of
His disciples from the crowds who came.  He met His disciples and
challenged them to leave their life, their work, even their family behind
and come follow Him.  They did.  So have you come for the day?  For a
free meal?  We will leave at the end of the day; will there be any
lasting change in your life?  Will you commit to be a disciple, mature
as a daughter and follow Jesus no matter the cost.
To be sure there are those who are here who want to hear and learn, there
are others who are being very disruptive.  I fear many came for the meal
but asking for that remnant who can rise above the culture and affect
change. Those who have an ear to hear, a heart to respond, to stand for
truth against the prevalent religious spirit.  Hoping to hear of revival
after we leave. Thanks all for agreeing with us.  Claudia

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