Jody: Arrived in Struga

Jody traveled from Skopje this morning and is now at a place called Struga. It is located about hours SW of Skopje on the shores of Lake Ohrid and at the headwaters of the Black Drim River. Yeah, I know. Didn’t know such places existed, either. I’ve put a couple links in the right column where it says “Current Ministry” so you can get a feel for the place, the current weather and know where it is. Here are some excerpts from emails:

  • (Fri, Oct 16, 5:06am PDX – 2:06pm, Skopje) Good morning-i am on my way to Struga on a bus. Went to a soup kitchen this morning with the woman I stayed with last night. There is a section of town with 40000 gypies in a settlement by the dump. They serve the children soup each day and provide clothing. I took some wonderful pics.
  • (Fri, Oct 16, 7:24am – 4:24pm Struga) I just arrived in struga. Came through snow to get here and I am hungry. Dinner at 6:30. We will begin summit after dinner. I am now on a lg lake directly across from albania-maybe 2 miles. Glad to be off the almost 4hr bus ride. About 30 siigned up [for the summit] but some have just nit shown up. It IS COLD here-really. Many know english so that helps me to build relationship.

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