Jody: Sunday in Osijek

I’ve been keeping in touch with Jody over the weekend. She has had some time to study in the privacy of a small apartment that has been made available to her. She has spent some time with some the ladies and has had the chance to see some of the city. She says it seems quite safe and she’s getting some pictures. Following are some emails I got concerning her Sunday.

  • (Sat. 11:12am PDX – 8:12pm Osijek) We took the Lords supper at end of summit with bread and tea since they had no juice-sweet fellowship.I finished at 5 but then we walked a woman home. It took almost 3hrs round trip. Saw bldgs that were from 16th century-bombed by serbia.walked on one of roads the romans built-from jerusalem to rome. Very safe out. Got back too late for dinner snack.having a few bites of cereal now. Today the Lord carried it and it went well. Key came with ps 95-acknowledging God as creator of croatia-thank him specifically and then ask forgiveness for your country-families and self. That was when we began to get to the heart of the matter.
  • (Sat. Oct 10 10pm PDX – Sun. 7am Osijek) Going to church at 10am. Later, there will be a gathering of many of the women from the summit and we will have a celebration meal together–the description sounds like the fish boils in wisconsin. On sundau morning here at 6 and now again at 7–all the church bells ring-loudly for at least a minute-like a 100 rings–its great!
  • (Sun. Oct 11. 7am PDX – 4pm Osijek) I got up at 5 and spent until 10 alone with my coffee and study. When I got to church-next door- they had me share. So I shared worship-humility-unity-community-impact. Then when pastor spoke-he used same scripture I had sent women out with when they couldn’t hear. Aftern they had planned a feast for the women who had attended. It is this giant cauldron and they cook a giant fish with paprika and serve it over noodles. They give the fish heads to the guests of honor. I took a little less honor than offered. Back in my apt and halfway thru rev 12. Sipping on my hot crystallite.

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