Jody: On to Macedonia!

(Wed. Oct 14th, 9:15pm PDX – Th 6:15am Croatia) At this writing Jody is on a bus with her new friend, Nevenka headed for Zagreb where she will spend some hours before catching a plane to Skopje, Macedonia. Please pray for her layover time there.

Her time in Osijek has been profitable, and to some extent restful. Her ministry opportunities were spaced out enough so she got some time to study, pray, and even take a long walk when it wasn’t raining. Her last responsibility was to preach on Wednesday night at the Evangelical Pentecostal Church, next to the seminary where she was staying. Here are some brief glimpses into her activities from her emails.

  • (Wed. 6:37am PDX – 3:37pm Osijek) I walked about 3 miles to tjhe center of town and tjhen returned. Studying. Sleepy today. I think I am ready for tonight-it starts in 2 and half hrs from now. I will be at the church next door from 6-7:30 and then will have a little bread and then come to my room to do final packing. I have taken a lot of pictures and have heard quite a bit of country’s history.
  • (Wed. 12noon PDX)It is 9pm and I am packed and laying on my bed. Will be turning in earlier so I can catch ride to bus at 5:45am.
  • (Wed. 9:14pm PDX – 6:14am Osijek) I am on the bus at the station. Got up on time and packed. Had my coffee and looking forward to meeting a woman in zagreb who is hungry [for spiritual breakthrough in Croatia]. She is a pastor and may be the key for holding a summit in zagreb in the future. My flight leaves at 9pm but I will not be with nevenka after 10am this morning. Don’t know if I can explore much pulling my suitcase. When you get up later I may be sitting at the airport already.

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