Trapeche Report (Jody)

Jodymug3Good Morning,
I left for Trapeche about 3pm on Monday. Those coming to the conference had arrived earlier in the day for a business meeting. Cathy, my translator, didn’t think we needed to arrive in time for that. When we come to Colombia, we are hosted by Gary and Mary Lou Sander and Cathy Campobello. These are the lead missionaries for the Covenant Churches in Colombia. They have become very good friends after this many trips. As we arrived, we saw so many familiar faces. We have been in Bogota, Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Medellin in the past few years to hold schools of prayer and ministry. If they had already taken Marriage Rx during a school of ministry, then they took Sonship. BothCalvin and Julie and I had large classes…..filled with all the pastors. After dinner Monday night, I introduced Sonship— and just introducing the concept and how I got it started– they were enthused. Marriage Rx was getting the same kind of response. On Tuesday morning, after COLD showers ( it is not hot at Trapeche in the morning this time of year), we gathered for breakfast at 7 and then a devotional at 8. The new president of their ministers association spoke about the love of The Father and fathers– and since he had been in my group the night before– tied in Sonship. We gathered in our two groups from 9-12:30. I was able to share how the studies work(and then proceed to give a bad example because of how much teaching I gave) and to take them through the main concepts of the first four studies. They were taking lots of notes and asking questions. I shared with them how much of the time I taught with questions, and Cathy asked me to write down my questions for each study and send them to her. She is taking on the job of translating these studies as fast as she can because the consensus among the pastors was to use the Sonship study for their discipleship and planting new churches. The people who had taken it last year had already planted new churches using the material–so it had good advertising. In Marriage Rx–they wanted the book translated into Spanish as soon as possible. We finished up teaching on Wednesday morning. I shared the four sections of Learning Obedience—Humility, Betrayal/Rejection/Abandonment, Temptation, and Putting Him to the test. The pastors brought their thumb drives and downloaded all of year ones’ material from Cathy’s computer. After the closing session we headed back to Medellin, had dinner at Cathy’s and I was able to Skype with Wednesday night Sonship back home. It is now Thursday morning, our last full day before flying home Friday. The birds are up and so am I. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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  1. You are close to being on your way. Have an uneventful flight home! I look forward to hearing all the God stories. I think you should double copy those questions for Sonship and send me a copy as well. I need to meet up with you for the next lesson and hear your insights. Love to you and hugs too!

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