Update First Session

[Prayer needs: 1) Recovering Jody's suitcase. 2) Protection (see below).]

[12:06 pm - Asyut, Egypt - 8/6/08]
I just finished teaching my first session--on being daughters of the
father. I ended by having them respond to an altar call.  I would
say about 50 came to Christ and the majority responded to my request
that they mature--huios--in him*. I went to step down the stairs-
and fell forward-on my knees and then got pushed by something--
and I do mean it was different than my normal clumsy--I fell
backward and hit my head on the concrete.  It went black.
Eliane started throwing water on me--thinking I fainted--so now
I am hurt and wet. I will probably have a lump but will be fine.
Love Jody
[*Jody has been teaching a message on 'sonship' that emphasizes
the importance of growing beyond being children in faith
(teknon)and into mature sons/daughters that reflect the
character of the Father (huios). Romans 8.15-23.]

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