Jody: Monday in Osijek

Now that the summit is over, Jody is able to spend some time with some of the local folks. This leg of the Balkan adventure is fairly low-key. She explains why below. She has some extra time before she leaves for Macedonia on Thursday. She tells me she has been able to do some studying. The weather has gone from the 80s and a bit too warm to the 40s and 50s and raining pitchforks and hammer handles. Not so good for sightseeing walks! Here are a few excerpts from recent emails, starting with a more detailed account of the summit.

  • (Sun. Oct 11. 8:55pm PDX – Mon. 5:55am Osijek) There was a breakthrough on ps 95 -first thanking God for all his good gifts in creating croatia-then as psalm goes on we asked forgiveness for croatia, or families or self. Later we dealt with strengths and weaknesses and what God had gifted us from using 1 Cor 12–had each woman get in the chair [so others can gather around and pray for her] and then asked to rest to listen and for 3 to pray what they heard to pray. Powerful time for the one confessing in the chair and for the women who heard how to pray. Ended with communion-standing together around table. After summit- the women can’t quit talking about how different prayer was from what they were use to.
  • (Mon. Oct 12, 7:24am PDX – 4:24pm Osijek) We are in a snall town with a 13th century castle-but it is pourrrring rain. Took pics rom car. I have been asked to preach at the church on wednesday night. He liked what I shared on sunday. Probably will share on sonship. Little topic you know…pray.
  • (Mon. Oct 12. 10:53am PDX – Mon. 7:53pm Osijek) Got back too late for my bread dinner so will have some fruit and my crystalite tea. Since the summit in macedonia is next weekend, I would be here or there waiting for the next one. I have spent a lot of time with nevenka. There hasn’t even been a mens summit here and she didn’t know about summits or me in order to prepare more work for me. It is different in macedonia–mens summit there and [a couple of people] working toward it. Tom did the summit in macedonia and has prepared the ground. John did a summit in albania-but teaches at this seminary-so that is how we managed to have the first ever summit in this country.

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