Nothing to Lose

Uncle Tom's Cabin“My view of Christianity is such, that I think no man can consistently profess it without throwing the whole weight of his being against this monstrous system of injustice that lies at the foundation of all our society; and, if need be, sacrificing himself in the battle.” ~Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The reference above, of course, was to slavery. Still, it seems to me that there are many injustices in the world that might easily be embraced by the statement. The point is simple: Christianity is not a belief system, it is a catalyst. It is not a religion, it is a lifestyle. It is not a hedge against the future, it is a call to be fully invested in the present. After all, when our future is secure, what have we to fear today? As it says elsewhere in the book: 

“He who has nothing to lose can afford all risks.”

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