A Note from Jody in Medellin

Another note. This time from Jody.

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Date:Fri, 3 Dec 2010 15:29:29 -0500

Dan, I am finally back in Medellin.  When I tried. To use my phone, battery was too low and my luggage with charger was in the other truck. You already heard from claudia, but wanted you to know that this school is having the same response in Colombia that it had back home, with the pastors being the most supportive.  They were so attentive and thankful for this kind of school being made available to them. The last session on stewardship, where we invited their partnership, was fully embraced. Last night at our closing communion, the Lord had me read Is 61 over them and pray that the Lord would fulfill it this day in their hearing. Spent 3 hrs in worship and prayer. There was a 15 yr old boy here who helped lead worship. His name is Miguel and I am now his spiritual mama. Someone taught him enough english so he could say” hi mom”.  They have skype here so I may be able to get on and talk to you later.

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